Bolle Mojo Snow Goggles
Bolle Mojo Snow Goggles
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You don’t have to believe in Karma to get this good Mojo going. Strap on this medium-to-large fit classic goggle and just do your thing. The flow-tech venting and advanced lens technology will takecare of the rest to keep you comfortable and fog free until its time to hit the hot tub.

Key Features

Flow-Tech Venting

Designed to reduce fogging and optimize the flow of air over the inside of the lens. These venting ports control airflow, while preventing clogging from snow and ice.

P80 Plus (Anti-fog)

Embedded premium anti-fog layer in the inner lens disperses water molecules across the surface of the lens, restricting moisture build up that can impede your crystal clear view of the terrain ahead.

Over the Helmet

All Bollé goggles are engineered with the latest helmet designs in mind so the fit is smooth.

Carbo Glas (Anti-scratch)

Outer lenses are sheathed in a protective armour to prevent scratches, keeping your lenses and outlook as clear as a bluebird sky.

Double Lens Thermal Barrier

The Bollé unique double lens design creates a thermal barrier, while providing exceptional optics and a superior seal.


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4Description Incomplete -- These are for Partly Cloudy Days
By Mike S.
The goggles seem fine and the price is right, however, be aware that these goggles are for "Partly Cloudy" exposure. The product description at Amazon fails to give any of this information. According to the packaging, goggles are rated by the percentage of visible light transmitted through the lenses. These goggles are "S-2" meaning they permit 37% of visible light through -- which is rated sufficient for partly cloudy days. For full sun, you need goggles that allow <20% of visible light. Would be helpful if the description said these were "S-2" and "party cloudy" goggles.

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5Red lens is hard to find and these are great
By Northwest
I am very picky when it comes to goggles. It doesn't feel right to ski with goggles that are not red, but red is getting harder and harder to find. With red lenses it actually darkens everything down so that I can see the dips, low spots, ice and even see the distances better as I am coming up on a turn. I find these goggles to do exactly what I wanted them to do. I can see clearly and cleanly as I am sking. They are smaller than some and fit people with small to medium heads just fine. I got several pairs for different members of my family who use them as they are needed and I use my pair all the time. They have held up well no scratches or foam damage. They can be worn over small glasses if the glasses are small framed and the person has a smaller head, otherwise they might be a bit small to be worn over glasses. That is the only draw back that I can see with these and that is minor. They do come with a soft cloth carrying case and that has worked well for storing them btwn trips.

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5Great Deal
By alice13
These goggles were perfect! Perfect fit, and even fit over my glasses well! I am very pleased with this purchase!

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